Friday 11 January 2013

2013... Let's go!

Happy New Year!
So we're almost a fortnight into 2013 but somehow it feels like much longer.  I've been quite neglectful of my blog over the past few months because things have been so busy, however, this will be rectified starting now :)

POPULAR ended last year on a fabulous note in November after showcasing for the first time ever at NIGHTWALK AW2012 in Glasgow. This was Take two of the show, the original was sadly cancelled after a power cut, so we were all excited and raring to go after all the prep from the previous date.  The show couldn't have went any better and the turn out was fantastic.  This was the first fashion show I had ever been involved with as a designer! It was amazing to get feedback from people on my collection and was just in general such a great experience - something that will definitely be one of the best memories ... now onto the next thing!

Recently I've been organising 2013 for POPULAR with a massive mix of collaborations, shoots, the new collection, launch of the official POPULAR website, hopefully another appearance at NIGHTWALK *fingers crossed* and a few more tricks up my sleeves ...
So all in all I'm extremely excited for things to come this year :)

This week I've been working on some new garments that won't be in the new collection but were made for an upcoming shoot this month, that I will be contributing some of my garments too.  These garments are a very similar style to my previous collection, however, very different in colour scheme and fabric but hopefully will be ideal for the theme of the shoot.  So watch this space!

I'm continuing, amongst everything else I'm working on, to make one off garments that aren't necessarily part of a collection but in an attempt to add more variety and choice to POPULAR's stock outwith my current and upcoming collections as I've had a lot of requests for shoots.

For the moment I'll be concentrating on the completion of the upcoming collection, shoot collaborations and several other projects (still to be revealed) until nearer Summer so it's all go until then when it will be completely MAD!

On a final note I'm pleased to say POPULAR sent off it's first ever purchase last week! Many more to come this year ...

Thursday 18 October 2012


Earlier this month, on the 9th of October to be more exact, was finally time for NIGHTWALK AW2012!
I was so pleased to be selected to showcase my clothing and could not have been more excited! The day did not disappoint resulting in a reunion with most of my University friends that I hadn't seen since graduating this Summer, some of who were also involved in the show and other Glasgow based contacts that I was meeting for the first time. 
I met so many fabulous people that day and all the various teams were so friendly and supportive, I honestly believe this is one of components which makes this event so enjoyable behind the scenes.

Despite how well run and organised the event was sadly due to a power cut within the venue an hour before the show we were forced to cancel.  Despite this disappointing set back it was something out with anyone's control, however, the good news is that a new date has already been announced!

The second and final round of NIGHTWALK AW2012 will now be taking place on the 6th of November!
I think I speak for everyone involved when I say what a great night this is going to be and after all the previous preparation earlier this month after Take One that I'm looking forward to the show even more now especially after meeting everyone involved and after all the hard work.  Here's a little teaser of some of the behind the scenes action sourced from
NIGHTWALK'S facebook page.

One of the fabulous people I had the pleasure of working with that day was Andii James who was collaborating with the Make-up team involved. 
After chatting for a while and after his very generous offer to do my make-up for the show that night, during some of our down time that day - this was the result ...

Please keep in mind this was a quick snap shot so obviously not of the best quality, taken before hair and final outfit were put into the mix
I was sooooo pleased with the result and after the time spent with Andii will definitely be involving him in my next shoot for POPULAR and would highly recommend him to others in the Industry.
Feel free to check out Andii's work via his
website and or follow him on his facebook page for frequent updates on his upcoming projects.

For anyone attending the show hang onto your original tickets and if you couldn't make the previous date and still don't have tickets there's still some left but get them quickly as we're close to being sold out! check out the NIGHTWALK event page for more details :)

Hope to see you all then! For a taste of what to expect from POPULAR visit my Facebook page

Wednesday 5 September 2012

More Updates ...

So I've got a few exciting new updates :)

The first of which is that Popular will be showcasing at NIGHTWALK A/W 2012 this October.
I'm so thrilled to have the opportunity to be part of this event and with a great line-up there's no doubt it will be a roaring success and a fantastic night.


Here's a montage from NIGHTWALK SS2012 Fashion show (sourced from NIGHTWALK'S facebook page) For details on how to purchase tickets and find out what NIGHTWALK is all about check out their facebook Page for further information and updates.

Something else that has been in the works for a while now is the re-branding of Popular.  This has come about after basic decisions had to be made when I was considering things such as new business cards, swing tags for garments, labels and also a recognisable logo.
The creation of Popular took place during my final year of University and therefore this is where the idea and name both stem from. However, in the hope of future progression and development of the label, post University,I felt that I needed something more professional and that would also convey the feel of the label in it's design.

The creator behind Popular's new logo is Graphic Design student, Andrew Leitch.  Currently studying at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and design:University of Dundee and about to embark upon his fourth and final year of study to achieve his
BA(hons)for summer 2013.
After undertaking a successful summer internship in Glasgow and gearing up for his final year at University I was delighted when he agreed to do the re-design of Popular for both the new logo and the business cards ... although I think it showed a great deal of passion and commitment to his work that he managed to fit this project in considering everything else he was working at the time.

   So I'm thrilled to reveal the final product ...

I couldn't be more happy with the outcome and I can't wait to get the business cards off to be printed.  In addition to this Andrew has also designed the logo that I will be using specifically for NIGHTWALK, this will be revealed when my clothing is showcased that night.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Andrew for all his work, help and guidance throughout this process and of course the fabulous final outcome itself. 
I would definitely recommend Andrew to anyone else seeking a Graphic Designer for upcoming projects based upon his unwavering professionalism, commitment, versatility and fresh outlook - all of which he brings to any project.

To see more of Andrew's work and or to contact him regarding collaborations/future projects please feel free to visit his website.   

Finally, I had a new addition added to my home studio which was delivered today and I'm so excited to get sewing - bring on the stretch fabrics!

Monday 20 August 2012

Just the Beginning!

So things have been a bit hectic since graduating this Summer which has meant some mild neglect to my blog recently : /
sorry about this!

As I mentioned in my last post I've been concentrating on life after University and furthering the label.
I have been in major design mode the past few months and it's been such a great feeling.

Alongside my diffusion collection - which continues on the theme of my graduate collection. I have come up with another concept for my next collection that won't in production until early next year(2013)this is yet another aspect of my current work I'm really excited about and look forward to having the time to enjoy producing.  Although it's early days and I don't want to give too much away about the next collection I will keep you posted with little glimpses of the work in progress as it happens.

In the meantime here's a sneak peek of the Diffusion collection -I'll be posting further imagery of the rest of this collection nearer the time of it's launch :)

Outwith Designing I have been focusing on more of the business side of things too, I'm currently awaiting some new machinery and preparing for upcoming projects which I'm sooooo excited about! Details on these will be revealed later this week.

For further news, imagery and information on the label please feel free to visit our Facebook page


Sunday 10 June 2012

The next Challenge!

With Fourth Year of University drawing to a close - after the Heriot-Watt Fashion Show last Thursday, the degree Show and recieving our final results it seems that the only remaining event left is our Graduation ceremony on Friday, sadly I will not be there for the ceremony as I will be abroad but all the best to the F.D.I Class of 2012 :)

On this bitter-sweet note I'm starting to look to the future,focussing on my aspirations and future ventures for 
P O P / U/ L A R.  I already have a few potential projects and upcoming events in the pipe-line so far which I'm extremely excited about, so watch this space!

Alongside my blog I have also set-up a Facebook page for 
P O P / U / L A R to convey further information and more of a background about the label, I have also used this to display more imagery of the collection itself and for future garments. So please feel free to have a look and "like" the page if you would like further information and updates via facebook regarding the label.

With the Scottish Fashion Awards taking place today I would just like to say Good luck to everyone nominated and anyone else who is involved in the event this year.  I have got my fingers crossed in particular for some of my friends and fellow students from Heriot-Watt University in amongst the Graduate Designer category.
However, it has to be said that after looking at the line-up for the Awards this year I'm genuinely proud of the creative talent Scotland has to offer and thankful that we have an event like the Scottish Fashion Awards as a means to celebrate this talent and give these individuals the credit and recognition deserved.
I'm sure it will be another fantastic year!


Saturday 12 May 2012

The final Products! :)

So after some major craziness with final deadline's for University and therefore more than a bit of neglect to my blog : / oops!
I can finally reveal the final outcomes of all the hard work with both the final edits of the photoshoot and fashion film for P O P / U / L A R finished!

I just want to thank everyone involved again for all their time I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.  In particular, the multi-talented Jawn McClenaghan, videographer/editor for the fashion film.  Jawn not only stepped in at the last minute to help on the day of the shoot but also gave me constant support and reassurance throughout the whole process - could not have worked with a more talented and down to earth guy and would fully recommend Jawn to others for future projects.

Check out Jawn's amazing photography and film work

So here's my official Graduate Fashion Film - 
 P O P / U / L A R  

Monday 16 April 2012

Nearly there!
This weekend I was all excited as my photographs from the shoot for my Graduate Collection were sent to me from the
talented Photographer - Levi Macdonald!

Check out Levi's inspiring work and other projects -!/pages/Levi-Macdonald-Photography/181645625191710 

It was great to see one of the final products of the
P O P / U / L A R Collection and to see my designs properly come to life with full styling - definitely a refreshing change from constantly referring to my C.A.D line - up before the photoshoot ...

I just want to Thank everyone involved and who contributed to the shoot it was such great fun but it never would have been as successful without the talented bunch I was lucky enough to have on board, I really appreciate the time and effort everyone put in - Major love for you all!
Also a massive thank you to the multi - talented Jawn McClenaghan who I'm working with on my Fashion Film for the Collection which is still to come - so watch this space!

I was lucky enough to have Dawn Smith aka Dawntroversial contribute by making two EPIC! pairs of shoes especially for the photoshoot to accompany my garments.  Dawntroversial will be showcasing at Nightwalk Fashion show, Glasgow May 1st and it is sure to be a fantastic night! For further details and ticket information -

Have a look at Dawntroversial's amazing creations! Also feel free to contact Dawn to order your own bespoke pair of shoes or for enquiries on collaborations with her for potential shoots and other Projects ...!/DawntroversialShoes

For more information on Smujj - who did the fantastic! Make-up and Hair styling for the photoshoot and for enquires about booking this dynamic duo's expertise for anything from personal events to fashion shoots check out the link below ...

Professionally represented by Model Team, the gorgeous Ashleigh Greenwood, who I had the pleasure of working with is one of the most friendly, motivated and versatile models of the moment! Take a glance at her mesmerising work -!/AshleighGreenwoodModelling

More Imagery from the Photoshoot still to come ...